New parish housing and a village hall
Teddington Parish Development

An exciting proposal for new local housing for a village in Gloucestershire. 

The proposal incorporates a new village hall plus new homes to meet an identified local housing need. The site of the old village hall can also be re-developed into 2 new cottages. 

The new homes will be available to purchase at 20% below market value in perpetuity. They will also only be available to parish resident families (for the first 6 months of any sale). 

This unique housing offer is an example of how new homes can be effectively be delivered in villages. Many villages are often suspicious of new development and having to take on the housing needs of elsewhere in the district. However, in this case, the development will respond to parish need and be available to parish residents. 

The final quantum of housing will be based on a local housing need survey. This housing needs survey will take place in early 2019. 

Many parish families are excited about the potential for their adult children to move back into the village. Lack of suitable housing stock and high prices have previously made such moves impossible. 

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