Success in Halstead

16.10.2019 ← Back
Halstead plan Halstead Oak Road Development

Having just completed the final stage of this project, presenting the case for approval to Braintree councillors at last weeks committee meeting (in just 3 minutes!), we were pleased to receive an approval for our housing project in Halstead, Essex.

Initially the scheme proposed 50 dwellings, to include 22 affordable homes, along with associated open space. After discussion with the council we were able to increase the provision to 70 homes, with 28 affordable . This represents a proportion of 40% affordable homes as well as a more significant provision of new housing in Braintree. 

There were a number of key reasons why we put this site forward for development and why it has ultimately received planning approval;

+ A sustainable location on the edge of the settlement boundary but with good access to shops, transport links and services.
+ The proposal presents no significant or demonstrable harm to the area, as found by a number of independent ecological, transport and environmental expert reports.
+ The site is visually contained. It is to be well screened by natural landscape buffers of existing hedgerows and trees which are to be retained.
+ There is a high proportion of affordable housing provision, more than is statutorily required.
+ The developer will be making significant financial contributions to local services, including schools, NHS services and the Halstead Community Centre via a s106 legal agreement.
+ Open space of around 1ha will be delivered with the design incorporating footpaths, open areas as the retention of existing hedgerows and trees.

We are now working with housebuilders to bring this site on to construction stage in the near future.