Edge of settlement residential development
Higham sketch layout screen shot

This project is based in Higham, a large village of 4000 inhabitants in the north west of Kent.  We are proposing a residential development of 30 homes for the 1.5 hectare site. A number of factors have been taken into consideration to ensure that the site is suitable for development prior to submitting an application;

+Located to the west of the village it fits neatly within the existing settlement pattern.

+Transport links are excellent; bus stops offer various local routes including to Lower Higham railway station (1 mile to the north - central London in 1 hour). The site connects well to existing pedestrian routes in the village and there are also existing marked cycle routes along the A226, adjacent to our site.

+Easy pedestrian and cycling access to village services

+The planned inclusion of a significant green buffer will minimise any impact on views across neighbouring fields.

Higham is in the borough of Gravesham, the majority of which, besides larger settlements, is designated greenbelt. This greenbelt designation is currently severely restricting development in the borough leading to a shortfall in housing land availability, both in the short and long term. We aim to demonstrate that the location of this site and it's suitability for residential development will not have a negative impact on the surrounding countryside.

A range of assessments have already been undertaken to ensure the site is suitable for a development of this type including transport assessments, road safety audits and landscape impact assessments. These will all feed into the detailed application to be be submitted for the council's consideration shortly.

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