70 homes and 1 hectare of open space
Halstead Oak Road Development

This project involved a development of 70 homes to the south of Halstead, Essex.

The proposed scheme sought to bring 42 market and 28 affordable dwellings, along with associated public open space, to the area, positively contributing to the housing supply of Halstead and Braintree as a whole.

The site is demonstrably sustainable, and we felt that the proposal should be supported for several key reasons including:

#1 – The site’s location

The site is on the edge of the Halstead settlement boundary and has good access to shops, transport links and services. This makes it a sustainable location and suitable for development.

#2 – No harm

The site has been thoroughly assessed by a wide range of independent expert reports, and no significant or demonstrable harm has been identified. It is a visually contained site, screened by hedgerows and trees. The goal of the development is to retain as much of this as possible.

#3 – Affordable housing contribution

Our proposal has been designed to include 28 affordable homes. This represents 40% of the proposed housing development.

#4 – Funding for the community

Comprehensive developer contributions (to be secured via a s106 legal agreement). The proposals include contributions to outdoor sports and allotments; additional school capacity; further healthcare capacity; and new or improved community facilities in the local area. The scheme aims to support the permitted Halstead Community Centre.

#5 – Extensive open space

The development would deliver circa 1 ha of open space, which will not only help it to meet its own arising need but also assist in reducing the local deficit of such space. The proposals include a circular footpath around the site and seek to retain the significant landscape buffers.

This planning application represented a sustainable development that would bring a boost to housing supply and benefits to the wider community. 

Permission was granted in October 2019.

Project team