Mixed use development
CountyWest Sussex
Ashington indicative layout

Context is currently working on the future development of a site adjacent to the settlement boundary of Ashington, West Sussex.

Having undertaken analysis of the site, there are a range of features as to why we consider it suitable for development;

+ the location is not within the greenbelt, an area of outstanding natural beauty nor a conservation area. Additionally, it is outside of the recently established South Downs National Park.

+ there are good transport links via the A24, north to Horsham and south to Worthing. Both large settlements with a range of services, employment and train lines.

+ the village of Ashington provides a number of services, including local shops, a school, a pub, a community centre and a pharmacy.

Context is proposing a mixed use scheme comprising of 10 homes along with a number of small business units. The housing layout will be carefully designed, will provide large gardens and will be surrounded by open spaces. It is not intended to cram in as many houses as possible, rather to create an open and spacious residential development that is set well back from the road. Pedestrian access to the village centre will be included.

The small business units and associated parking provision will be placed an appropriate distance away from the homes. These units will be a valuable asset to the village, providing space for new businesses and adding to the local job market.

The preparations for this application are well underway and will be submitted to Horsham District Council for their consideration shortly.

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