Armstrong Rd care home

60 unit care village and community centre
North Fambridge Care Home

This is an exciting proposal for a much needed care facility for the south of Maldon district. 

Within an 8km catchment we identified a need for 1,006 care units by 2023, growing to 1,131 by 2028. There are some existing local facilities, but nowhere near enough. 

We estimate the current shortfall in provision is 484 units of accommodation for those with higher care needs. With the elderly population forecast to grow faster than the UK as a whole. this shortfall is forecast to increase further over the next 10 years, rising to 839 by 2028.

The proposal is for up to 60 extra care bungalows plus a community centre. The centre will incorporate a satellite surgery for a local GP practice. 

Extra care accommodation is similar in nature to age-exclusive housing but on-site care provision will be an integral service. 

The care packages received are individually tailored to meet the changing needs of individuals. Because of this, such schemes are seen as offering a more flexible long-term choice where future care needs can be

The site is located close to a recently approved village centre and is also within walking distance of a train station, so there are plenty of facilities for future residents.


Public consultation

We want everyone who has an interest in this project to have a voice and contribute to help us create a vision that will benefit the wider community.

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