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Providing guidance & funding through the planning system

Context's goal is to enable high quality sustainable development that will benefit both current and future communities.

With a background in the planning industry, we know that planning need not be adversarial; development proposals should be built upon consensus between all interested parties; communities, councils, architects, property experts, landowners and developers.

Our collaborations with diverse and innovative partners facilitate responsible and sustainable development.

Together we build a framework that enables developments that are not only beneficial to landowners and developers, but also the the communities they will be a part of.

  • National housing shortage

    The shortfall in housing affects every council in England. We aim to deliver homes in the right locations.

  • Planning is risky

    Submitting a planning application can be costly & protracted. By funding schemes we believe in, Context reduces this risk & helps open up suitable development locations.

  • The best team

    We collaborate with innovative, responsible property professionals creating positive partnerships working towards a common goal.

  • Our success

    We secure planning permissions that benefit both landowners and the wider community.


Latest projects

Example projects that our professional team have worked on:

Our focus

At Context we are focussed on:
Building sustainable communities

We care about enabling the creation of sustainable communities and work hard to ensure that we bring forward the right scheme in the right location.

Ensuring a design-led approach

We want to be proud of our schemes. We strongly believe that good design and sensible densities do not need to negatively impact on end values.

Delivering the best exit route

Selling to the highest bidder is not always the right option. We work closely with a wide range of developers and can ensure we find the right fit for your site.

Maximising development value

This is our common goal with you, and at the heart of all our decision making. We work tirelessly to deliver the very best planning permission for you.

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